Never, ever go to H Rubin Vision Center!

Columbia, South Carolina 1 comment

I ordered new arm/temple for my glasses on Apr 6th.Was told it would take two weeks to get it in.

Three weeks later it had not come in. I called the next week and was told it had not come in and customer rep couldn't tell me when it would come in. She also said that her manager was the only person who could put in on when it did come in!! What?!?!

Customer Rep was the most patronizing, condiscending, ineffective person I have ever dealt with. Also, couldn't even get it resolved on local corporate level. Had to go to corporate level in Maryland to get satisfaction.

Huge, huge hassle.

Paid $1,000 for my glasses. Have had nothing but trouble getting arm/temple each 18 months or so when it breaks.

Wish I had never bought my glasses there and will never go again.


Columbia, South Carolina, United States #645146

H Rubin offices are independently owned.For nearly a year I've have been seeking resolution for a pair of glasses made with the wrong perscription.

This office will not respond to my calls, court dates or legal letters.

H Rubin takes your money and hides from you when you are unsatisfied with their services clearly indicating they do not care about customer satisfaction.

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